Chanakya Hindi Thought (Till knowing the weakness/शत्रु की दुर्बलता जानने तक)

Chanakya, Quote, Hindi Thought, Weakness, enemy, friend,
Chanakya Hindi Thought (Till knowing the weakness)

"शत्रु की दुर्बलता जानने तक उसे अपना मित्र बनाए रखें। चाणक्य"

भावार्थ - अपने शत्रु के बारे में आप केवल तभी जान सकते है, जब आप मित्र बन कर उसके करीब रहे, अन्यथा आपको कभी भी यह मौका नहीं मिलेगा।

Chanakya Hindi Thought English Translation-

 "Till knowing the weakness of the enemy keep him your friend.  Chanakya"

Chanakya Quote Meaning- The best way to know the weakness of your enemy is to remain his friend because otherwise, you will never get a chance to go close to him or learn about him. While as his friend, you have full opportunity to learn many things about him and even his weaknesses.

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